Upper Kennebecasis Watershed

The Upper Kennebecasis sub-watershed is the largest in the Kennebecasis with approximately 33916Ha.  The headwaters of the Upper Kennebecasis flow out of Hamilton Lake, southwest of Mechanic Settlement.  The waters flow approximately 70km.  From the deep and steep forested ravines around Goshen and Portage Vale it drops into the fertile agriculture land around Penobsquis and Plumweseep.  The area is likely one of the richest natural resources zones in our watershed and this fact creates challenges for the watershed.  Currently the Upper Kennebecasis Watershed is going through some large land use changes that are impacting the rivers habitat and water quality.  The KWRC and our partners in cooperation with the various stakeholders are working to mitigate these impacts when possible.

The land use in this sub-watershed is broken down as follows:

  • 86% Forestry
  • 8% Agriculture
  • 4% Occupied
  • 2% Water/Wetland

There are 5 key tributaries to the Upper Kennebecasis system.

# Name of Tributary approx. length (km)
1 Main stem Upper Kennebecasis 70.0
2 Calamingo Brook 8.6
3 South Branch Kennebecasis River 17.5

Stone Brook 14.0
5 McLeod Brook 11.0
6 Millpond Brook 10.9
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