Watershed Classification

The Water Classification Regulation (N.B. Regulation 2002-13) has been developed by the New Brunswick Department of Environment as a water resource management tool to find reasonable compromises between use and protection of aquatic resources. It gives watershed stakeholders an opportunity to participate in the development of a plan to guide the future management of water quality in a watershed.

The procedure involves numerous steps towards creating the plan. Though the order of and approach to these steps may vary, the essence of them is the same. At the very least, the process requires:

  • identification and involvement of stakeholders
  • gathering water quality information
  • assembling land use and water use information
  • setting goals for water quality
  • preparation and implementation of action plans

When the Water Classification Regulation was passed on March 1, 2002, all lakes were classified as AL, unless they were recognized drinking water supplies, in which case they were placed into the AP class. The most common classifications for rivers and streams are A, B, and C with water quality standards differentiating them.  More details on this can be found on the NB DENV site.  A “C” class river is the lowest water quality class, and still retains a "functioning aquatic community". The outstanding class is the highest and requires a special nomination procedure. The class that portrays the water quality goals and objectives of the stakeholders is termed the provisional classification for that water body.
To learn more about the Water Classification effort as carried out by the committee, or to be added to our stakeholder database, feel free to contact us directly.  For more detailed information on the regulation and the process visit the NB DENV water classification home page.

Our entire provisional classification report, including classification maps and water quality data, can be downloaded in Microsoft Word.doc format here (approx. 9mb download).  We are continually monitoring water quality to insure we all are maintaining the provisional classifications set by our stakeholders.

Watershed Classification



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